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Advertising Information
Pharmaguy Pharma Marketing Network -- The Leading Online Resource for Pharmaceutical Marketers -- brings together pharmaceutical marketing, advertising, and sales professionals from pharmaceutical companies, communications companies, and marketing service providers for wide ranging discussions and education on a multitude of current topics.

See the Community Profile for details about our subscribers, members, site visitors, and followers.

Below, are details of the available advertising and promotional options avialable. Do not hesitate to email me to discuss your advertising needs and to get a quote.

John Mack, Publisher & Editor

Innovative, Social Media Enhanced Advertising Options
The Pharma Marketing Network (PMN) is a trusted brand in the pharmaceutical marketing sector.

PMN includes a portal web site, the PMN Forums with curated content, the flagship periodic Pharma Marketing News newsletter, and the world-class Pharma Marketing Blog and @Pharmaguy social media channels. All are available for sharing promotional messages with the PMN community of subscribers, readers, and followers.

Pharma Marketing Network has helped hundreds of advertising clients promote their products, services, and events to millions of yearly site visitors and nearly 20,000 subscribers and Twitter followers.

We keep our clients up-to-date on new and innovative adevrtising options via the PMN Advertiser News Blog (see here and the widget on the left).

For more information about the PMN, including demographics and subject matter interest, see the Community Profile.

See Specific Advertising Options for details about the Ad Types listed in the following table.

AD Vehicle Table

Specific Advertising Options
Pharma Marketing Network provides the following types of online ad options and formats. Click on an Ad Type to access more deatils or see the list below.

Dedicated Email Blast Twitter Campaign Conference Listing Podcast Interview Sponsored Forum

Email Ads * Promoting Your Services * Promoting Your Event

AD TypeTable

Finding Specific Information

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