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E-mail Advertising ("E-mail Blasts")
Pharma Marketing News subscribers are qualified pharmaceutical industry professionals (see the Community Profile for details) who have opted-in to receive a limited number of highly-relevant promotional messages via e-mail "Ad Supplements."

A PMN e-mail Ad Supplement is 100% dedicated to the advertiser's message and are ideal for event announcements, product news, press releases, job openings, etc. A survey of subscribers reveals that 62% agree that PMN e-mail Ad Supplements provide useful information, whereas only 10% disagree.

See below our many VALUE ADDED SERVICES (below) and other details that make our customer-focused e-mail advertising service truly unique.

Also see "Repeat E-mail Blast Option: Saves You Money & Increases Open Rates via the PMN Advertiser News Blog and Request the Media Kit & Rate Card for a convenient summary of advertising options and current prices.

Pharma Marketing News E-mail Blasts Are...
  • Targeted - A dedicated e-mail Ad blast reaches thousands of very targeted, qualified pharmaceutical marketing and sales professionals.
  • Dedicated - The e-mail ad is 100% dedicated to your message. You supply the content (HTML, plain text, Word).
  • Detailed - E-mail ads can be of any length, although we suggest that they not exceed 600-900 words or one to two pages. This is sufficient to include plenty of detailed information.
  • Immediate - E-mail ads can be scheduled within 24 hours of confirmation of your order and receipt of copy. The number of such ads are limited, so get your order in quickly to reserve a slot in the schedule.
  • HTML Formatted and/or Text-only - Send polished, professional graphic e-mail ads that include your logo, product photos, Web links, etc. We can design and create your HTML ad, if necessary, for an additional fee. We deliver the appropriate version, HTML or text-only, to subscribers based upon their preferences and e-mail client setup.
  • Web Link Enabled - Both text-only and HTML-formatted e-mail ads may include links to Web pages.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA ENHANCED. Each e-mail blast includes (see "Value-Added Services" below):
    • an array of social media share buttons that allows recipients to post links to the Web version of the e-mail ad on a number of social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+
    • a tweet posted to the Pharmaguy and the PMnews Ads Twitter accounts. These posts are included in Twitter timeline widgets embedded in a number of pages on the PMN site (e.g., see column on the right)
    • a copy of the ad posted to Pharma Marketing News Sponsored Messages site and, where appropriate, to Pharmaguy's LinkedIn page
    • graphics, ad summary and links posted to the Pharma Marketing News Pinterest Advertiser Board (graphical ads only)
  • Trackable - We track and report open rates for HTML ads and the performance - click-through rate - of each link in your HTML or text ad.
  • Inexpensive - It costs pennies per view. Request the Media Kit & Rate Card for pricing information.
Sample E-mail Ad
The following is a sample E-mail blast as it may be seen by a subscriber. The first figure shows the top portion of the ad (i.e., the portion that is "above the fold"):

Sample Email Ad TOP

The following is the bottom portion of the ad (some portions of the ad copy have been omitted):

Sample Email Ad BOTTOM

CLICK HERE to view actual ads currently posted to the Pharma Marketing News Sponsored Messages site.
Value-Added Services
We are happy to supply these value-added services at NO EXTRA CHARGE as part of EVERY e-mail blast:
  1. Web Hosting: The HTML version of your e-mail message is hosted as a Web page on the Pharma Marketing Network Portal site (view this sample ad). Widgets that link to this page are embedded within the most popular pages of Pharma Marketing Network and Pharma Marketing Blog (see #3, below). This provides exposure to thousands of additional qualified pharma marketing professionals. NOTE: This is in addition to the post to the Pharma Marketing News topic page (see #5, below).
  2. Tweets: Each e-mail ad includes a simultaneous tweet posted to the Pharmaguy and PharmMktingAds Twitter accounts. The former account has 21,000 followers (as of December 2014). Hundreds of new followers of this account are added each month (see a profile of Pharmaguy's followers here)! This tweet includes the subject line of the e-mail ad and/or a personalized message from the Editor of Pharma Marketing News plus a link to the Web page version of the ad (see #1, above). See here to learn more about the @Pharmaguy Twitter account and other PMN social media promotion options.
  3. Ad Widgets: Tweets made to the PMNews Ads Twitter account appear in the "Messages from Our Sponsors" widget posted on various PMN pages (see this widget in the righthand column of this page).
  4. PharmaGuy LinkedIn Post: Select e-mail ads - e.g., ads that are content-rich, that provide special offers, or that provoke discussion - are posted to the PharmaGuy LinkedIn Page where they garner potentially hundreds of additional views.
  5. Pharma Marketing News topic page: A summary of the ad is posted here. This summary includes direct links to the advertisers' landing pages(s) plus a link to the Web Hosted full ad (see #1).
  6. Pinterest Pin: If the ad has a prominent graphical element, a summary of the ad is also "pinned" to the PMN Advertiser Pinterest Board (here). The pin links to the Web Hosted full ad (see #1).
  7. Personalization: Each e-mail ad is addressed to the first name of subscribers. The Editor of Pharma Marketing News also may add a personal message at the beginning of the e-mail body. For example, if a discount is offered, the Editor will highlight this offer and add a personal "thank you."
  8. Technical Editing: We provide complimentary editing of your HTML and text copy. For example, special characters like curly quotes, em dashes, bullets, etc. may not display correctly in all browsers. In that case, we replace these with the appropriate characters. We also review and make corrections to links to graphics and Web pages in your HTML code to ensure that they work properly. Of course, you get a test version of the e-mail to review BEFORE it is sent to all subscribers (see #9, below).
  9. Testing: Prior to sending your e-mail to all Pharma Marketing News subscribers, a test is sent to you and a list of your colleagues you designate for their review. Only when you have finally approved the e-mail content, links, and subject line is it scheduled for distribution.
  10. Scheduling: We schedule your e-mail blast well in advance so that you can pick the date and time of day that suits your needs the best.
  11. Add Names to Distribution List: There is no need for you or several of your colleagues to be on our subscription list to receive the e-mail blast. We put you and up to 4 of your colleagues whom you designate in the distribution list for the actual e-mail blast so you can see what our subscribers see, when they see it.

  12. E-mail Statistics Report: For each e-mail ad we send on your behalf, you can request a Campaign Summary Report that includes the number of emails sent, bounce rate, opens, total clicks, forwards, and a detailed list of click statistics showing you how many times each link in your e-mail message was clicked by a unique recipient.
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